Upcycling: How Do I Do That?

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Upcycling: 6 Brilliant Tips on How to Upcycle Your Old Stuff

Are you looking to redecorate your home or garden? Do you have some items around your home that you’re thinking of getting rid of? So why not redecorate by upcycling your old stuff? Upcycling is a great way to reuse things that you already have at home – but that’s not the only benefit of upcycling! Upcycling helps to conserve the environment because it reduces the amount of “trash” in landfills. It also helps to conserve limited resources, supports local industries, and encourages creativity. Sounds great, right? But how do you start? Here are a few tips:

  • Upcycle tires: Old tires can be upcycled into flower beds, chairs, and side tables! To see just how creative some people are getting, check out our range of backpacks and wallets made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes!
  • Upcycle crates: Wooden crates can be turned into rustic bookshelves and desks! Or simply add a plank of wood and voila` new bench.
  • Upcycle cans: Metal cans are so easy to reuse! They can be turned into pen holders, toothbrush cups, and even paint brush holders! Our suppliers have even found great uses for can ring-pulls. Hint…. search our Handbags and Accessories page.
  • Upcycle jeans: Who thought that jeans could be upcycled into so many different things? They can be banners, notebook covers, rugs, ottomans and more! I have even seen some people using their old jeans as pants !!)
  • Upcycle mason jars: Do you have a bunch of mason jars lying around? You can reuse them by covering them in marbles and mounting them on poles in your garden as light-reflecting decorations.
  • Upcycle glass bottles: Who hasn’t been to that quaint Italian restaurant that uses old bottles as candle sticks and admired the random patterns the years old melted wax has created? We also stock a beautiful range of candles made from old wine and beer bottles. Made right here in Sydney’s inner west, it may be that wine you drank last week that is now emitting that wonderful scent through your house.

Ultimately, the only limit to upcycling is the imagination. We would love to hear how some of you have turned your old items into cool new stuff. Share with the rest of the tribe on Facebook or Instagram.

We believe that sustainable living is an easily-attainable, affordable reality for everyone. That’s why we search high and low to find high quality, eco-friendly Australian products for you. Everyone in your family- children and pets included- can benefit from using more upcycled products. Whether you want to redecorate your garden, get your pet a new bed, or find some new accessories to wear, upcycled items could be your saving grace!